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Empower persons with disabilities to broaden their horizons and embrace new dreams



Create independent, robust lifestyles that are tailored to each person’s needs, preferences, and desires. As we pursue these goals and adhere to our core values, we envision communities where persons with intellectual disabilities can thrive.

Mission & Vision

Our behavioral support program is called Collaborations. At Collaborations we believe everyone can live their lives to the fullest when appropriate support is provided.  Collaborations provides client focused, person centered, comprehensive behavioral consultation services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Plans are centered around what's important to and what's important for each individual. Our Behavior Specialists, who are qualified to provide therapeutic consultation through the Developmental Disability (DD) Medicaid Waiver Programs, personalize behavior plans to fit the needs of each individual. 

Positive Behavior




Positive Behavior Support (PBS) is an evidence based practice that fosters a Person Centered philosophy. PBS interventions are designed to teach replacement behaviors and life skills that are essential for individual's independence. PBS addresses each individual's identified maladaptive behaviors by implementing proactive measures.  Community Concepts, Inc. adopts PBS philosophy in our approach to assisting indiviudals with behaviors.

Behavior Plan




Based on information gathered from Functional Assessments, Behavior Specialists at Collaborations begin the plan development process.  They are trained to identify the function of each behavior, create interventions that correspond to the function of the behaviors, and generate proactive and reactive interventions. They also understand how to analyze behavioral data and identify antecedents and consequences of maladaptive behaviors. 

Support Team




Ongoing training for the support team is a helpful and necessary tool for ensuring plan integrity. Behavior Specialists will review the plan with the members of the support team and role play interventions with the team members to help in understanding how to implement the plan.  Training is offered upon plan completion as well as on a regular basis. Support team members can also request additional training.





Collaborations recognizes that there are times when an individual may require additional supports to help them achieve behavior stability.  Collaborations is able to offer individuals who are receiving services from us additional support by utilizing Crisis Stabilization and Supervision services to help them work through these difficult times. It is Collaborations' goal to provide the supports necessary to help the individual in their current home and/or day support. 

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